The Forks: A Brief History of the Area
By Barbara Solem-Stull
The Forks: A Brief History of the Area
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Located on a navigable waterway, yet inland and remote, "The Forks" in southern New Jersey was a haven for smugglers at the dawn of the Revolutionary War. This short history describes the important contribution of The Forks and its inhabitants to America’s fight for independence and introduces a variety of colorful characters: early settler Eric Mullica, the treacherous Benedict Arnold, visionary citizens Elijah Clark and Richard Wescoat, ship builder Captain John Van Sant, highwayman Joe Mulliner, and the fictional Kate Aylesford—immortalized as "The Heiress of Sweetwater" in a popular novel first published in 1855.


2002 | 48 pp/softbound
ISBN 0-937548-51-0 | $9.95


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