Natural Wonders of the Jersey Pines and Shore
By Robert A. Peterson
With selected photographs by Michael A. Hogan
and additional photographs by Steve Greer
Natural Wonders of the Jersey Pines and Shore
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With Natural Wonders of the Jersey Pines and Shore, the late Robert A. Peterson may well have written the most compelling book ever about his beloved southern New Jersey. Peterson (Patriots, Pirates, and Pineys) possessed an insatiable curiosity about the natural world and its human participants, along with an amazing capacity to learn about and to retain hundreds of fascinating, little known facts. While the breadth and depth of his knowledge was extraordinary, Peterson was equally gifted as a storyteller. His enthusiasm for South Jersey's flora, fauna, people, places, and natural forces comes through, contagiously, in every one of the book's 57 vignettes.

In order to produce a book that would be both informative and visually engaging, Peterson joined forces with one of the region's most celebrated nature photographers, Michael A. Hogan. Nearly 200 of Hogan's striking images bring Peterson's myriad topics to brilliant life, augmented by the superb and sensitive work of Steve Greer—another award-winning South Jersey-based photographer.

Natural Wonders of the Jersey Pines and Shore is a beautiful and informative book that is guaranteed to inspire, surprise, and delight. For anyone who loves the nature and natural history of southern New Jersey, this is a book to treasure.

In capturing the beauty and uniqueness of southern New Jersey, Natural Wonders makes it clear why so many people have worked so hard to save its treasure of nature and human history. This extraordinary book will inspire readers to cherish the Pine Barrens and coastal estuaries anew.

— Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director
Pinelands Preservation Alliance

2005 | 312 pp/hardbound with dustjacket
ISBN: 978-937548-49-6 | $49.95


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