Old and Historic Churches of New Jersey Volume 2
By Ellis L. Derry
Old and Historic Churches of New Jersey Volume 2
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This inspirational book allows us to travel back in time to the days when this country was new—a vast and dangerous wilderness with few roads or bridges, schools or churches. It tells the stories of how our forefathers established their religious communities and houses of worship, often with great hardship and sacrifice.

To be included in this moving history, a church had to be built before the Civil War and still be in use as a church today. This means the book, in addition to its historical appeal, can serve as a guide to readers who would like to pay a visit to many of New Jersey’s most interesting churches.

1994/372 pp/hardbound
ISBN: 978-0-937548-25-7 | $29.95

1994 | 372 pp/softbound
ISBN: 978-0-937548-26-4 | $19.95

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